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Upcoming opportunities at ARC


The Atlantic Repertory Company (ARC)

Artistic Director: Stephen Tobias. Playwright: Sarah Delappe | Director: Laura Vingoe-Cram | Stage Manager: Patricia Vinluan

Seeking a diverse group of emerging artists for The Wolves. The focus of ARC is to provide opportunities for emerging theatre professionals with strong ties to Atlantic Canada. Roles are open for Equity and Non-Equity members. All actors will be engaged under the terms of the Equity DOT Policy.

The Wolves is about and all girls indoor soccer team. It’s an ensemble piece about nine young women navigating relationships, growing up, politics, identity, status, love, and grief. Having a background is soccer is an asset not a requirement. Ultimately the play requires strong actors who are able to work in a team environment and portray their characters with nuance and the kind of fierce energy found on sports teams.


Sun, January 19th       Dal Arts Center, 6101 University Ave, Halifax, NS    

Tues, January 21st     BMO Studio Theatre, 112 Princess St, Saint John, NB  

Auditions are by appointment only. To schedule please email

Please also send resume and headshot. Submission deadline: January 13, 2020

We will be in touch to schedule an appointment and forward along sides and script for preparation.

Auditions will be in 15 minute time slots. Actors are asked to prepare a contemporary monologue. Auditions may require physical activity. Skype auditions can be arranged within the schedule by request.

Note: this production will be an athletic endeavor for the teammates. Actors who are accomplished athletes and those with soccer experience should be submitted with a note highlighting their background. Actors cast as the team, will participate in soccer training during the rehearsal process. Athleticism/soccer skills may be evaluated at the auditions

The production will rehearse in Saint John New Brunswick at the BMO Studio Theatre Space. Performances will be in a site specific venue at the new Irving Field House.

Performance dates: May 4th to 8th, 2020. Rehearsals scheduled to begin: April 8th, 2020



Please prepare a short contemporary monologue from the perspective of a young woman (please only choose work from the last thirty years). Come prepared having read the play and ready to discuss the character/characters you are interested in playing and your background in soccer or athletics in general. You may be asked to do a cold read in the audition.

Optional: If you are comfortable with doing so, please prepare Side 1 (which will be emailed to you once audition is scheduled) while bouncing a soccer ball on your knee or doing other soccer drills of your choice. Feel free to be creative with it. (This is entirely optional and meant for those actors that have a soccer background and feel confident demonstrating their skills in audition). We will provide the soccer ball but you are welcome to bring your own. Auditions for Soccer Mom: please prepare Side 2 (provided once audition is scheduled).


Characters are identified by their jersey numbers


female Identified, 18+ to play 17; open ethnicity; goalie. Intense performance anxiety, an extreme perfectionist, high achiever; seventeen; she is the heart of the team. 4.9 GPA, Editor in Chief of high school newspaper, leads model UN, plays cello in the state youth orchestra; before every game she vomits from anxiety, she is an amazing athlete; the pressure she puts on herself stems from her parents and the constant need to try to prove herself; she feels the weight of winning on her shoulders; actor must have strong soccer passing and kicking skills. Ethnicity: all ethnicity


female identified; 18+ to play 16; open ethnicity; defense; innocent, unlucky, kind, petite person; sixteen; naïve, sheltered; she does not like gossiping about others; she is kind, humble, generous and often trying to reach out to those in need in a sincerely genuine way; she is a member of her Episcopalian church’s youth group; no cellphone or TV in her house; a limited world view that is now expanding; she is learning more about the injustices in the world and she is clinging to any “do-good” opportunity as she is unsure how to process all the bad; based on lived experience, she feels like the youngest of the group; she has suffered multiple concussions from soccer and wears headgear; actors with soccer experience is a plus. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


female Identified; 18+ to play 16; open ethnicity; striker; too cool for school; sarcastic, “fuck” is very much in her lexicon, thick eyeliner; “16 going on 21”; child of a bad divorce; daughter of a lawyer, who is always busy, always working; she hit puberty before all the other girls in her class; dating a college boy; she finds worth through her sexual value; she is dealing with a lot and at times we should feel pretty concerned for her well being; she’s tough, abrasive, you never want to be on her bad side, potentially the meanest girl of the group, but the audience empathizes with her and why she is acting out in the way she does; has problems with authority; actors with soccer experience is a plus. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


female Identified; 18+ to play 16; open ethnicity; defense; plays dumber than she is; sixteen; porcelain upbringing, in her own bubble, uses “omigosh” often; uses naiveté as a façade; clings to childlike essence, a baby doll; obsessed with making it to nationals in Miami; a crier, a whiner, a giggly, excitable girl; a less extreme version of Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) from Mean Girls; actors with soccer experience is a plus. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


female Identified; 18+ to play 17; open ethnicity; midfield; brainy, morbid, budding elitist, thoughtful; seventeen; she is super smart and knows it, but her sentences are still strung with “like”, perhaps this is purposeful as she thinks she will be more relatable and seem less like a know it all; she has an air of intellectual superiority; facts matter to her; doesn’t like to be wrong; she sincerely enjoys documentaries and is a columnist for the high school paper; both of her parents are therapists and very involved in her life; she tends to lead with morbid, dark, strange humor and interests; she has a more global view of the world than her teammates; actors with soccer experience is a plus. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


female Identified, 18+ to play 16; open ethnicity; midfield; class clown, sincere love of sports, jock, bit of a “bro”; totally plays FIFA video games; sixteen; she is into being the “wacky one”; she likes being the life of the party, the fun one; the goof off; she refuses to take anything too seriously and loves to tease, poke fun at her teammates; sometimes, she goes too far which can get her into trouble; actors with soccer experience is a plus. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


female identified; 18+ to play 16, Armenian-American; midfield. #7’s insecure sidekick; just switched to contacts; sixteen; her dad is Armenian; her teammates inappropriately speak about her being Mexican; she is besties with #7 and is trying to keep up with #7’s bad girl, cool vibe, until she finds her backbone and stands up for herself; she hates liars and the betrayal of her best friend is deeply felt; she has a firm understanding of right and wrong; an emotionally developed individual; her mom, Soccer Mom, is involved in her life; she has a great family, very involved in her life, all around good person who is mixed up in the journey of learning who they are and who are real friends; actors with soccer experience is a plus. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


female Identified; 18+ to play 17; open ethnicity; defense; captain; classic (ex) coach’s daughter; seventeen; she is well respected by the team, a hard worker and a strong leader; at times she wants to join in on the fun and does but will suddenly back off to keep the girls at arms-length; she keeps them on track and loves a great pep talk; she isn’t afraid to police her teammates with language and behavior; she is exploring her sexual identity; actors with soccer experience is a plus; role does require a buzz cut, will wear a wig for majority of play; must be willing to shave head. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


female identified; 18+ to play 16; open ethnicity; bench, later Striker; the new girl; awkward, different, just wants to fit in; sixteen; she is home schooled and lives in a yurt with her new age, travel writer mom; she has traveled and lived all over the world. She loves bird watching; her nomadic lifestyle has left her with a lack of social skills and the understanding of American teen culture; while perhaps awkward to others, still is very self-possessed, endearing and even charming when she wants to be; she just wants to be friends with her teammates; actor must have sharp humor, can carry a tune and impressive soccer skills; actor must juggle a soccer ball for one minute or perform a similarly impressive soccer skill during the show. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Soccer Mom (possibly 40 – 55)

female identified; open ethnicity; mom of #14; warm, generous, suburban mom who prides herself on her involvement in her kid’s lives; she never misses a game; she played soccer in her youth and has coached a few youth teams; she is the mom leading cheers and chants as the girls play; all the teammates know and love her; she is grappling with the process of grieving her daughter; she would rather console her daughter’s teammates than admit her tragedy; she is spinning fast to avoid thinking about her unthinkable loss; manic with grief; verbal dexterity is essential; no soccer experience necessary. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities